Welcome to my website! If you are asking who I am and what I really do, let me introduce myself with a short version of my story…


I’m originally from Grimsby on the east coast of the UK. I’ve been in Austria for the past 20 years though (after intermezzos in Exeter, France and Nottingham). Languages came easily to me, so that’s what I originally studied followed up with courses in international business. I’m presently trying to learn Mandarin, but that’s another story.


Because I’ve been in export for my whole career, I’ve had to know about many aspects of business. My main focus is on sales and marketing though. If you are responsible for business development of a company in Estonia or Vietnam, then it’s no good saying in a customer meeting “I have no idea how the payments or logistics requirements look, just tell me how much you want to buy”. Hardly the fastest route to sustainable business development!


Luckily, I love to travel, as there have been periods in my career where I’ve been abroad for up to 70% of my working time. That included monthly trips to Asia from Europe. I have an unquenchable curiosity about other countries and cultures. A fascination for meeting new people and understanding how they “tick” is an essential skill.

What now?

After 25 years in various companies from automotive to infant nutrition, & covering regions from Montenegro through to China, I decided it was time to branch out on my own. Now I help small & medium companies who are not sure how best to successfully internationalise their business. How that looks in detail depends on a client’s internal resources and skills. Together with 2 partners at Uniconsult-Wick & Partner Consulting we manage to cover a number of specialisations!

You can break it down into 4 main parts:

1) International Expansion Strategy
Where to begin when you want to move beyond your domestic market or neighbouring countries? Why & how should you go about this?

2) Partner Search
You could leverage my network of powerful potential partners who then enable your brand to grow strongly in your target international markets

3) Ongoing Sales & Branding Support
Effective use of resources by letting me be your extended sales team to support the growth of your brand.

4) Individual support
Support for your progress in international business development, tailored to your specific requirements. eg training for your team, coaching to help with difficult clients etc..

So what’s the biggest headache with your international journey? How might I be able to help you move forward? Feel free to arrange a chat, to get more clarity on what might be the next best steps in your business

What do people always ask me?

Most frequently asked question: which market do you like best? To which the answer is: anywhere with friendly people, successful business and good food. (…but I do love Asia, especially China ?)


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