All of the resources mentioned on here are ones which I am either using to create & run this website, or in my business. If you purchase from any of these links, I may receive some small compensation at no additional cost to you.


advantages of rarathemes

This website is built upon a Rara theme. I looked at what felt like a million different themes before I settled on this one. So why did I do with Rara in the end?

  • I liked the look of the design obviously, and have a lot of flexibility with the customisation
  • it’s easy to use even for a non-techie like me
  • if I wanted to add German or other language to the website at a later date I would have the option
  • the support is great (although there are free themes available, I bought the PRO version as it allows me additional flexibility and more support)


I use ConvertKit to manage my email list and sign ups. It’s really uncomplicated to set up and use.

You can get an account with up to 1000 subscribers for free by signing up via this link.


Bluehost is a great place for hosting your website & their support team are really top notch!

Bluehost QR code


Grow your brand with styled stock photos & graphics, from Pixistock.


wise logo - international money transfers

Wise is a great option if you are looking to transfer money abroad – I’ve always got great deals with them when taking all costs into account.

Get free overseas transfers up to €500 with this link.


TorFX logo - international transfers company

TorFX is another great option for international transfers. Get excellent rates when you transfer money abroad with the award winning torFX!


Restream is the tool I use for my LinkedIn and YouTube lives. It provides you with a film studio that allows you to stream to multiple platforms around the world (including Chinese platforms) at the same time. With a pro account you can download the videos (or if you want to use them for a podcast, simply the audio track) to repurpose for other social media.

Signing up with my link (click on the logo below) will give you $10 discount on the usual price of a pro subscription:

Restream Logo


Magical logo

I use Magical in my day to day work to help automise transfer of information from one place to another. Eg from a company webpage to a Google sheet or Airtable, or to help me fill out emails or other repetitive tasks.

This really saves me a lot of time and is less prone to errors.