See also my round up post for in-depth reviews of my favourite international business podcasts, that are not linked to specific markets.

The Worldly Marketer Podcast

The Worldly Marketer Podcast
The Worldly Marketer podcast with Kathrin Bussmann

Kathrin Bussmann’s The Worldly Marketer podcast brings valuable weekly updates about the global marketing and global business space. Her guests are leaders in their fields and share expertise on different aspects of doing successful business in today’s global marketplace.

The International Business Podcast

The International Business Podcast

Leonardo Marra shares his experiences and interviews experts from around the globe, across several industries. Engaging conversations to uncover their challenges and draw insights that can help you to become better international business leaders. Self-learning is one of many strategies that can meet the contemporary needs of the changing and unpredictable workplace. Surround yourself with peers and learn from them! Hone your skills, gain new perspectives and expand your professional network.

You can also read more here about the podcast.


Business Beyond Borders – Cynthia Dearin

The Business Beyond Borders podcast was started to help unlock the secrets of how to make your small business an international success. Companies that do international business have a bigger global impact, innovate more, make more money and are better places to work. Cynthia & her team believe also that the world is a better place when people everywhere have access to the best products and services which are available.

Cynthia interviewed me for episode 59.

How to be Global Podcast – Sarah Rapp

Sarah Rapp is the bubbly host of the How to be Global podcast. She takes you through all the fun stereotypes, global stories and struggles which exist in our world, some of which you have probably never heard about. Sarah helps listeners to discover what it means to be global in today’s fast paced and culturally mixed world.

Sarah aims to connect the world by lowering boundaries and fear about other cultures, whilst embracing diversity. It’s not a business podcast per se, but as the intercultural competence element is so crucial to being successful internationally, I feel that How to be Global really has to be included in this round up of global business podcasts.

Brands Talk – Brigitte Bojkowszky

Ready for brand stories? Get inspired and learn from thought leaders, CEOs, business owners, and managers, who tell their brand stories, who share their valuable insights from their own experience. For all Brand Lovers, this show is to help you develop and grow your brand in a more strategic and sustainable way! Walk the talk. Let’s get started and dive with Brigitte into the world of brands!


The podcast for innovative startups that want to expand to the Asian markets. Country insights, expert know-how and best practice cases for your market entry. Every Friday the podcast hosts Lisa Stöger and Fabian Gems talk with Asian experts to give you hands-on tips and tricks for your Asia-expansion.

So far there have been series on China, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong & Singapore.

This one is in German!

I was featured on episode 8.

Interlinks Podcast with Patrick Daly

Interlinks is a programme about supply chain. globalisation and technology and how they shape our modern world.

In each programme, Patrick Daly interviews a person from another country or with strong connections to another country or countries to get their unique perspective on globalisation as it has affected them both personally and professionally.

There is a little bit of history, a dash of economics, a sprinkling of business and an overlay of personal experience both from Patrick and from his interviewees from around the world. 

Thrive in Global Markets

Conquer New Markets. Kathryn Read & Levent Yildizgoren

Thrive in Global Markets (formerly Conquer New Markets) is a unique podcast for entrepreneurs, managing directors and marketing professionals who are frustrated with their growth in their home market and want to expand internationally.

The podcast is intended to share practical tips, delve deep into the personal experience of successful entrepreneurs, and discuss what makes international communications successful and impactful. Hear from the experts, ask questions and brainstorm ideas to move your business forward into new markets by selling internationally. Innovative and energising, Thrive in Global Markets is your gateway to global business.