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Podcast interviews

You can see a round up of some of my favourite global business podcasts (without any specific country “affiliation”) here.

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Examples of Speaking Engagements

Digital China Day

Topic: China’s E-commerce and New Retail

Digital China Day on Clubhouse February 2021
Digital China Day on Clubhouse – 12 hours of expert discussions

German Exporters of Food Association

Topic: Exporting Food to South Korea

GEFA /Korean German Chamber of Commerce & Industry Food Export Event

Thunderbird Global Business School: Export Horizons

Topic: New Trends in China and opportunities for trade in lower tier cities – see also my summary for more details.

New Trends in China New Opportunities in Trade Export Horizons flyer for event

German International Chamber of Commerce

Topic: South Korea Day

IHK Frankfurt South Korea Day

Articles where I’ve contributed

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Review Robin: 11 Tips for Businesses when hiring a Marketing Consultant or Agency

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Inc. 35 Smart Questions Great Candidates Ask During Job Interviews

Profi logo

Profi: 6 Best Practices for Growing Your Consulting Business from Seasoned Professionals

What to expect from the future of Business Travel

What to expect from the future of Business Travel

Featured Guest Article

Small Business Report: 11 Reasons why SMEs should expand internationally