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The Silk Roads

The Silk Roads – Peter Frankopan

This book is essential reading for any global businessperson to understand how the world has reached where we stand today on many geo-political and cultural topics.

I reviewed the book a while ago in more detail. Key takeaway is that Peter Frankopan clearly analyses the connections between historical events and our present geopolitical landscape, helping you to understand WHY certain things happen. .

The New Silk Roads – Peter Frankopan

Sequel to the original bestseller Silk Roads book mentioned above. This one focuses far more on how the geopolitical landscape today has grown out of the historical events detailed in Part 1.

Business Model Generation

This book works on the premise of the Business Model Canvas. You can find an explanation of the basics in my blog post on the topic.

Digital Innovation Playbook

Together with Business Model Generation (see above) this book is a must read for anyone who is looking to work with the Business Model Canvas to develop innovative lean business models for your business.